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The Lowdown on Real Estate Taxes on Cell Towers

Every landlord knows that any income-generating asset on their property is taxable. Whether you raise livestock on your land, run a bed and breakfast, or lease your land to a cell tower tenant, you make income. All these scenarios are considered income-generating assets, and you owe taxes to the federal government, state government, or both. … Continued

What are Average Cell Tower Rent Rates?

Steve Kazella: Hey, this is Steve, I’m one of the partners here at Tower Genius, LLC, and wanted to talk a little bit about a common question that we get. We see this pretty much every week, multiple times a week, even. And the question is, “What are Average Cell Tower Rent Rates or what … Continued


Steve Kazella: Hello, my name is Steve Kazella. I’m one of the partners here at Tower Genius, LLC. We are the USA’s top cell tower lease consultancy. We help property owners and landlords that have cell tower leasing questions, or who need help with their cell tower lease proposals. So, if you’re a cell site … Continued