Cell Tower Leases: Do’s and Don’ts for Churches

Cell Tower Leases Do’s and Don’ts for Churches

As a church pastor or manager, you might have been approached by a cell tower company to lease land for a cellular antenna. With the rapid proliferation of 5G, there is a massive demand for cell towers. Cellular companies often approach large property owners like churches to see if they can install their telecommunications equipment there.

If you’re unsure whether installing a cell tower antenna is the right choice for your church or considering a cell tower lease buyout on an ongoing agreement, you’ve come to the right place. This post will walk you through the dos and don’ts of installing cell towers on church property so that you can get the complete picture and make an informed decision.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Signing a Cell Tower Lease

1: Ensure That the Lease’s Terms Are Favorable to the Church

Cellular tower leases are usually long-term, around 25 to 30 years or more. Once you sign the lease, you’re bound to agree to its terms and conditions for a long time. So, ensure that the lease terms favor the church and not the wireless company.

For example, cell tower companies often include clauses restricting property usage when you have a cell tower on your land. You can only repair the property by getting permission from the wireless company. This restriction can work against the best interests of the church. So, before you enter a lease agreement with the wireless company, get the lease reviewed by an attorney or a cell tower lease expert like Tower Genius. At Tower Genius, we’re experts in cell tower lease buyouts and renewals and can help you negotiate favorable terms.

2: Check With the County Authorities

Make sure you’re familiar with the zoning laws of your county before signing a cell tower lease agreement. In some scenarios, counties require you to obtain a permit or variance before installing a cell tower on your private property. If this is the case, you’ll need to work with the cellular company to ensure they take responsibility for paying the fees to obtain the required permits.

Similarly, the mortgage lender has to approve the lease if you have a mortgage on the church. Make sure to connect with the lender to get their approval before you sign any agreement with the wireless company.

3: Remember There’s Always Room for Negotiations

Cell tower leases are never “take it or leave it” agreements. Even if the wireless company pressures you to accept the deal immediately, remember that you hold the cards. The cellular company needs you more than you need them. So, play your cards close and negotiate hard to get the agreement working in your favor.

The rent should reflect the value of your site. For example, if your church is in a prime location with a large congregation nearby, you can negotiate a higher price. Hiring experienced cellular tower consultants like Tower Genius can help you get the maximum value out of the agreement.

Tower Genius offers transparent guidance and professional services to help property owners like you leverage the best value out of their cell tower leases. Connect with our team to know how we can help you negotiate the best rental agreements for cell towers on your church property.


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