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Need Assistance With Your Cell Tower Lease Buyout Offer or Cell Tower Sale? We’ve Helped Hundreds of Landlords With Easement Sales.

The benefit of having the Partners of Tower Genius on your team is that we’ve been helping landlords with buyout transactions for 14+ years. We know the ins and outs, and can provide you or your attorney with the unbiased information you need to complete these transactions for maximum value, on schedule. Talk to us about our cell tower lease buyout valuation & transactional coaching service.

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You might be wondering if your are getting unbiased information about the true value of what your Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications or Vertical Bridge cell tower lease is really worth if you sell it. Some people visit our site looking for a cell tower buyout calculator. There is no substitute for having an industry expert looking at your lease agreement and your physical cell tower or cell site location, they surrounding wireless network infrastructure, the local zoning code and other factors to figure out the true value of your cell tower lease rental stream if you sell it. Your attorney, your cell tower technician friend, your acquaintance who sold a cell tower lease a few years ago, your accountant, your financial advisor, your real estate broker family member or the real estate appraiser on your at the chamber of commerce will have no idea what the Cell Tower Lease Buyout Offer value should be for your particular cell tower or cell site.

Cell Tower Lease Buyout - Before You Sell Your Cell Site Easements For a Cash Lump Sum

Talk to Tower Genius, the Lease Buyout Coaches, Consultants and Experts. You can request a free 5 to 10 minute call-back from one of the Managing Partners, Steve Kazella or Kevin Donohue for a quick assessment of your situation. Call Tower Genius 24-hours a day at 1-888-313-9750. Not calling Tower Genius before you sell a cell tower lease easement can cost you a small fortune.

The fastest way to get accurate cell site lease buyout information and expert guidance needed for your perpetual easement sale negotiation, is by contacting Kevin or Steve at Tower Genius.

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Avoid the hassles of talking to several “used car salesmen” operating as Cellular Tower Lease Buyout Experts. When you contact us you will alway speak to somebody within 24 hours or within two hours in most cases on weekdays. This is for Landlords with lease buyout questions who need recommendations or help.

Tell us what we need to know about Your Lease Buyout Offer.

Bring us your questions about your cell tower sale valuations, tax implications of selling a cell tower lease, a like kind exchange or anything else. What is the best or worst lease buyout offer you have received to sell your easement. Let us know your questions in advance of the call when scheduling. Not talking to us can literally cost you a small fortune.

Sleep well knowing Tower Genius is in your corner.

Negotiating your cell tower lease buyout transaction agreement can be a stressful experience that can often drag on unnecessarily for months. Gain peace of mind, knowing that the cell tower buyout consultants that you hired are the Best in the Business, and have helped countless cell tower landlords win at the negotiating table since 2008, and we can help you too.

Partners of Tower Genius have been by quoted by major print media for decades.

Need help with selling a private cell phone tower? Let Tower Genius guide you through every step of the cell tower sale transaction.

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Cell Tower Lease Buyout Assistance
We are the USA’s top cell tower lease buyout experts. Talk to us.

So What’s a Cell Tower Lease Buyout?

Maybe you’re asking yourself what’s a cell tower lease buyout?

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What is my cell tower lease buyout worth?

For example, sometimes as the executor of a will or estate you are handed a stack of paperwork and told that you have been directed to liquidate the cell tower lease and you had no idea anything like this even existed. A lease buyout is simply when you transfer your interest in the telecommunications lease and  in return, you get a lump sum payment for selling your cell tower lease income stream. While it sounds great, don’t underestimate the value of your cell site lease. How do we know? It happens all the time.  Cell site landlords, you should always get a second opinion if you have decided to cash out. Do you want the best cell site lease buyout transaction, or are you okay with settling for a mediocre buyout transaction? Tower Genius can provide you with a lease buyout valuation and help you to negotiate a lease buyout deal to maximize your site’s potential.

Property owners receive constant phone calls from cell tower lease buyout companies such as Unison, Symphony, Tower Point, BlackDot, Md7, Landmark Dividend, and AP Wireless. Multiple offers to buy out your cell tower lease rental or cell site lease (of a rooftop cell site, water tower cell site, smokestack cell site, etc.) stream may have been made to you.

What’s our definition of a cell tower lease buyout?

Tower Genius defines a cell tower or cell site lease buyout as the sale of your cell site rental stream and future rent payments by exchanging your equitable interest in the lease agreement, in the form of an easement, for a one-time payment or for installment payments. This is usually done in the form a perpetual easement.

Two components are usually included in a transaction. The first is the transfer of the right to collect rents by the property owner to company that leases the cell tower lease. The second is that the property owner often conveys an interest to the cell tower company or to the wireless carrier through granting an easement.

Cell tower lease buyouts are similar to real estate transactions, such as selling your house. The specific terms of the buyout transaction can be captured in the easement. That documentation is also recorded in your local recording office. This is much like a deed for the sale of your home or other property. The easement term can be for as short as 20 years, 30 year, 50 year, 99-year, or forever.

Wireless infrastructure lease buyers and investors will want to negotiate the best price and best non-financial terms for themselves, and in their favor – not yours. As the property owner, you want your lease rental stream purchase opportunity to be visible to as many potential buyers as possible to get the best price. As an industry outsider you are also likely completely unaware of which “competitors” trying to purchase your lease income are backed by the same funding source. Tower Genius can help property owners navigate this uneven playing field.

The price a property owner receives for the sale of its rights to its cell tower lease is determined by many factors. These variables include current financial conditions and the risk factors associated with the underlying lease. The price is determined by the amount of rent paid. However, it also includes the rent rate escalators and term of lease, which wireless tenant that is leasing site, length of the term of easement granted and zoning.

Cell tower lease buyout companies have one goal: to make money. This is very simple. They purchase your cellular lease and will either hold onto it or then resell it for a higher price. Do not undersell your cell site lease. Maximize your value by selling your cell site lease to the right buyer.

There is Zero Learning Curve Needed to Get the Maximum Value Out of Your Cell Phone Tower Buyout Offer, and Obtain Fair Terms.

When you are negotiating a cell tower buyout transaction, DON’T EXPECT THE COMPANIES WHO BUY CELL TOWER LEASES TO TELL YOU HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED. The lease buyout companies and cell tower management companies who purchase cell tower income streams are in the tower acquisition business to buy your telecommunications lease for as little compensation as they can. Tower Genius has assisted hundreds of cell tower landlords with their lease buyout transactions. We’ve helped everyday landowners, Fortune 500 companies, apartment owners, housing authorities, home-owners associations, churches, small business owners, major real estate developers, hospitals, hotels, municipalities and countless attorneys evaluate these perpetual easement offers so they can determine if it’s a transaction worth pursuing or not. We have NO conflicts of interest, which is a rarity in the world of telecommunications lease buyouts. We provide our clientele with rooftop cell site and cell tower lease buyout offer valuations and perpetual easement purchase and sale transactional coaching services, saving you the time, money and sparing you the frustration of trying to figure this out for yourself.

Cell Site 1031 Exchange / Cell Tower 1031 Exchange

After talking with a CPA, many cell site landlords opt for like kind tax deferred exchanges as their exit strategy when selling a telecommunications easement. Tap into our 50+ year careers and leverage our lease buyout industry knowledge to your advantage. We simplify the complicated cell tower lease sales process, putting everything into layman’s terms for you, your team (your 1031-exchange qualified intermediary, your commercial real estate broker and your attorney, if you have one). You will not need to be second guessing yourself, wondering if the cell phone tower lease sale you are about to finalize is good deal, a mediocre deal, or an exceptional deal? We offer peace of mind to help you get it done right.

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To get the ball rolling on your cell site lease buyout, simply fill out our short information form on this site, or give Tower Genius a call at: 1-888-313-9750. As long as you already have a cell tower or cell site or if you have been approached and presented with a purchase offer that you are considering, we will get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays in most cases.



Tell us about your cell tower lease buyout offer questions or concerns, especially if you need help and are looking for answers. We’ll get back to you within 24-hours on weekdays, in most cases.


We’ll suggest a recommendation on when you speak with Steve or Kevin, the two owners of Tower Genius or one of our Senior Project Managers David or Mansour.


Use the lease buyout information as you wish that you obtain from Tower Genius during our brief consultation, or hire us for additional cell site lease buyout consulting and coaching services.

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Cell Tower Lease Buyout Companies

Who are some of the the top cell tower lease buyout companies purchasing easements (wireless telecommunications rental streams / future cell tower lease rental payments( in the United States?  

Here are some of the cell tower lease buyout companies that you may already be familiar with who actively contact cell tower landlords with easement purchase offers:

  • AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners (APWIP)
  • Landmark Dividend
  • Melody / Symphony Wireless
  • Tower Point
  • Unison Site Management
  • Everest Infrastructure Partners
  • And the major cell tower management companies
  • There are also several other boutique digital infrastructure real estate hedge funds purchasing cell tower easements in the USA and in other parts of the world.

I want to sell my cell tower lease! Great. But before you sign anything you should talk to a cell site lease buyout expert who has been looking at these offers on a daily basis, and who has been helping landlords since 2008.

Not Talking To Tower Genius About Your Cell Tower Lease Buyout Transaction Could Cost You A Small Fortune.

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Working with your local family attorney or a local real estate attorney is great. They have probably guided you through contracts, lawsuits, estate planning, wills, and even divorces, but trust us when we tell you that they know little to nothing about the cell tower lease buyout and cell tower investor industry. Lease buyout companies have huge marketing departments trying to purchase Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, DISH Wireless, US Cellular, American Tower Corporation, Crown Castle International, SBA Communications and Vertical Bridge cell tower lease rental payment streams. You are constantly getting mail and telemarketing sales calls from cell tower lease buyout firms such as Landmark Dividend, AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners, Tower Point, Symphony Wireless, Unison and others. There are about twenty more companies like these dialing for dollars trying to get you to sell your cell tower lease. It can really be overwhelming. Nobody that is buying these perpetual easements is going to give you the information you need.

Is there an independent cell tower landlord advocate who can cut through all the sales gimmicks, confusion about technology changes like 5G and consolidation, and expedite the process of analyzing your lease buyout offers?

Yes, you bet there is! Get in contact with Tower Genius. We are the leading cell tower lease buyout consultancy working exclusively for cell tower landlords in the United States, since 2008. We’ve helped countless people like you cell cell tower and rooftop cell site easement sales transactions. Talk to Kevin and Steve today about:

  • American Tower lease buyout offers
  • SBA Communication lease buyout offers
  • Crown Castle lease buyout offers
  • Vertical Bridge lease buyout offers
  • Verizon Wireless lease buyout offers
  • AT&T lease buyout offers
  • T-Mobile lease buyout offers
  • U.S. Cellular lease buyout offers
  • DISH Wireless lease buyout offers

When you hire Tower Genius as your cell tower lease buyout guide you get an expert, not just a consultant and coach….

  • We’ll review your lease buyout offers or LOI’s (Letters of Intent), Purchase and Sales Agreement, Draft Easements and make important recommendations to you or your attorney before you sell. – We are the cell tower lease buyout experts that attorneys hire, to help THEIR clients.
  • Help the Qualified Intermediary if You’re Going To Complete a 1031-Exchange After the Cell Tower Sales or Lease Buyout – Your cell tower buyout has to be timed right to make sure you can complete a like kind exchange, on time. We can help.
  • Not talking To Tower Genius Almost Cost a Recent Client A Small Fortune. A cell tower owner recently came to us before she finalized a multi-seven figure cell tower sale. The Tower Genius consultation resulted in an additional $700,000 increased sales price for this cell tower landlord. We have to say “results not typical” as a disclaimer here, but she’s probably glad her attorney told her to ask us for a second opinion before she finalized her transaction.

We Are The USA’s #1 Cell Tower Lease Buyout Experts.

When You Sell Your Cell Site Lease, Walk Away With The Most Cell Tower Lease Buyout Funding Amount Possible!

We are the #1 cell tower buyout experts in the USA that cell tower owners and cell site landlords can turn to for an independent assessment or valuation when selling a cell tower lease future rental stream. We help cell tower owners, cell tower landlords, and cell site landlords just like you, in every metropolitan area in the United States when you are ready to cash out and sell your cell phone tower lease income stream for the maximum amount. If you are a cell tower landlord tell us about the cell site leases or cell tower that you’d like to sell for a maximum return. Forget the cell tower lease buyout calculator and talk to Kevin or Steve. We can help coach and guide you through this complex cell tower lease buyout process and help you maximize selling price of your cell tower lease.

Tower Genius will also provide you with a cell tower sale valuation and phone consultation and can make recommendations to you or your attorney about specific language modifications that cell tower landlords SHOULD CONSIDER having in their lease buyout paperwork.

Get The Accurate Cell Tower Sales Information You Need.

There are three common questions we from cell tower landlords who have decided to cash out of their cell phone tower contracts: (1.) How much can I get for selling my cell tower? (2.) How do I negotiate a cell tower lease buyout? (3.) How long does selling cell tower lease or perpetual easement in exchange for a cash lump sum payment to a cell tower lease buyout company or wireless real estate hedge fund take? (TRANSLATION = HOW FAST CAN I GET PAID?)

Get The Professional Lease Buyout HelpYou Need! Now!

  1. OPTION 1Request a free 5 to 10-minute callback from Kevin or Steve for a quick lease buyout assessment below, or request a 30-minute LEASE BUYOUT consultation call with Kevin or Steve at Tower Genius for $29.99. Ask us any question ranging from how to calculate your cell tower lease buyout value on a cell tower, to questions about technology changes and the risk of obsolesce at your specific location, questions about property taxes, cell site lease buyout tax implications. You’ll either thank us and it will be the best $29.99 you ever spent on cell tower advice, or you will probably hire us for additional services.
  2. OPTION 2 – Hire us for a Cell Tower Lease Buyout Valuation, Purchase Offer LOI Review or – Consultation & Coaching Services. The majority of our clients select this service offering, as 90% of cell tower landlord questions can be answered and problems can be solved after we review your leases and proposals and spend one hour over the phone with you, answering your cell tower leasing questions and coaching you on your cell site negotiation strategy.
  3. OPTION 3Sometimes a cell tower landlord wants to tap into, and leverage the relationships in our Rolodex. Let’s discuss how we can help you with any aspect of your cell tower lease buyout transaction.

When cell tower landlords contact us and submit the short cell tower property information form (below), we’ll get back to you in 24-hours or less in most cases, with a proposal to help you with your cell tower lease questions. (Go here to learn about our lease valuation and consulting process at Tower Genius→)

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We help cell tower landlords in all 50 states who need expert guidance when selling a cell tower rental stream. Cell tower landlords, you are probably only going to get one chance to get up to the plate in your lifetime to sell a cell phone tower lease. Increase the chances of hitting a home run vs. striking out, or getting on base with a single, with your Cell Tower Lease Buyout Transaction. Calling Tower Genius might cost you 5 or 10 minutes. Not calling Tower Genius at 1-888-313-9750 might cost you a small fortune. 🙂

“LEASE VALUE CALCULATOR FORMULA = What they want you to know ÷ WHAT WE KNOW”

– Kevin Donohue, Managing Partner

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