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Do you need help with a cell TOWER lease in 2024?

If “Big Wireless” Hires Experts For Negotiating Their Offers & Leases With You, Shouldn’t Property Owners & Cell Tower Landlords Be Hiring Their Own Cell Tower Lease Experts To Level The Playing Field With The Cellular Carriers and Cell Tower Management Companies? Find Out How We Can Help You!

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What’s The Fastest Way To Get The Cell Tower Lease Assistance You Need?

If you are reading this, you have some questions about the New Tower Lease Agreement that the DISH Wireless, or cell tower site acquisition person handed to you on your front porch. Like what’s my cell tower lease rate at this location? Or maybe you have an Expiring Cell Tower Lease Agreement with American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications, or Vertical Bridge, and you’re trying to figure out what the cell tower rent value should be? Or perhaps Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, or US Cellular has been calling you for months about a Rooftop Cell Site Upgrade or Lease Extension Amendment they need? Or maybe you are wondering about the aggressive tone of Rent Reduction letters that you have received recently from Md7 or BlackDot on behalf of your tenant and their subtle threat of exercising their right to terminate your lease agreement if you don’t agree to lower the rent? Or possibly you are ready to consider accepting a purchase offer or cash lump sum payment for your cell tower rental stream, but you and your attorney have no idea what the Cell Tower Lease Buyout Offer value should be for your cell tower or cell site? What’s the fastest way to get the help and answers you need in about cell tower lease rates in 2024? Talk to Kevin or Steve from Tower Genius!


Tower Genius can provide you with cell tower lease assistance, site-specific information, answers, and solutions that you need.

Need help with a cell tower lease?

Talk to Steve or Kevin at Tower Genius.



Talk to Tower Genius, the Cell Tower Lease Experts. You can request a free 5-10 minute call-back from one of the Managing Partners, Steve Kazella or Kevin Donohue for a quick assessment of your situation. Call Tower Genius 24 hours a day at 1-888-313-9750. You have nothing to lose and potentially very much to gain. There is no cell tower lease information we can’t provide, and there are no questions we can’t answer for you. Find out more about our consulting services today!

The fastest way to get accurate cell tower lease information and expert guidance needed for your cell tower lease negotiation is by contacting Kevin, Steve, Mansour, or David at Tower Genius.

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Get a call back from us within 24 hours on weekdays.

Avoid the hassles of talking to several “used car salesmen” operating as Cell Tower Lease Experts. When you request a call back from us, you will always speak with somebody from Tower Genius within 24 hours on weekdays. This is for property owners who have been approached for a cell tower or already have one and need help.

Have your lease or offer details ready when you call.

The better prepared you are when you call us, the better we can answer your questions about your cell tower lease rates, cell tower lease buyout proposals, or anything else. But if you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle don’t worry. Calling us won’t cost you a dime unless you are calling from a payphone. Not talking to us can cost you a small fortune.

Sleep well knowing Tower Genius is on your team.

Negotiating your cell tower lease agreement can be an overwhelming experience that can often drag on unnecessarily for years. Gain peace of mind, knowing that the cell tower lease consultants that you hired are the Best in the Business, have helped countless cell tower landlords win at the negotiating table since 2008, and can help you too.

Need help? Let Tower Genius guide you through every step of the cell tower lease negotiation process.

Partners of Tower Genius have been quoted by major print media for decades.
Read our real Tower Genius client reviews on our Google Business page.
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There is Zero Learning Curve Needed to Get the Maximum Value Out of Your Cell Tower Lease Agreement and Obtain Fair Terms.

When you are negotiating a new cell tower lease agreement, YOU ARE GOING TO WAR WITH BIG WIRELESS. They are not your friend, they are adversaries. Tower Genius provides cell site landlords with battletested cell tower lease solutions to expedite your complex cell tower leasing problems and answer all of your questions. Our cell tower lease experts have helped everyday landowners, Fortune 500 companies, apartment owners, housing authorities, home-owners associations, churches, small business owners, major real estate developers, hospitals, hotels, utility companies, municipalities, county governments, state governments, sovereign Native American Tribes, and countless attorneys. We have NO conflicts of interest, and we provide fast and detailed technical cell tower lease reviews, cell site lease valuations, and cell tower lease buyout / perpetual easement offer valuations and transactional coaching services, saving you the time, the expense and sparing you the frustration of trying to figure this out for yourself.

Tap into our 50+ year careers and leverage our industry knowledge to your advantage. We simplify the complicated cell tower lease process, putting everything into layman’s terms for you and your attorney if you have one. Getting rid of the headache and hassles is only part of the way our services can benefit you. See our side-by-side comparison below:

Working with Tower Genius

Work with the best. This is not our first rodeo. We’ve had tens of thousands of cell tower discussions with people like you since the late 1980s.
  • Requested callbacks made within 24 hours.
    Tell Kevin or Steve about your cell tower lease questions or situation. We are down to earth, easy to talk to, and won’t waste your time.
  • We value your time.
    When you are looking for industry professional guidance on negotiating a cell tower lease agreement, equipment upgrade, or other proposal, you get what you pay for. Time is money.
  • We have great client Reviews on Google.
    Read our REAL client reviews on Google written by attorneys and even by two Google millionaire clients.
  • We have ZERO conflicts of interest.
    Tower Genius is probably the only cell tower lease consulting firm that will state in all of our contracts, that we have no conflicts of interest, simply put, we get paid by you, and you only and get paid zero dollars by the cell tower carriers, cell tower management companies or cell tower lease buyout companies or hedge funds.
  • We are thought leaders in cell site leasing.
    Tower Genius Managing Partner Kevin Donohue wrote a cell tower ordinance in 1996 that is still used in 80% of towns and cities across the USA. Both Partners at Tower Genius have been quoted in the New York Times and other major print media throughout their carriers.

Other cell tower lease “Experts”

Cell tower dog expert attorney

We love dogs.
But don’t hire one,
you might catch fleas.
  1. If you’re lucky enough to speak to the “Expert”
    We found that having potential clients talk to other companies helped us close more deals, so “experts” keep doing what you’re doing.
  2. “Free Cell Tower Consultations” aren’t free.
    Most cell tower consultants you may talk to will want a long-term residual payment for helping you to “increase your cell tower rent value by 300%” or something like that.
  3. Several “Experts” have no Google listing.
    If you don’t have a ‘Google Page’ then you can’t get bad reviews, right? Some were possibly written by their cousin.
  4. Many “Cell Tower Lease Experts” double dip.
    Shocked? If you’re negotiating a new cell tower lease or an expiring cell tower lease agreement, or especially if you are selling a cell tower lease rental stream for a cash lump sum payment, ask your “cell tower consultant” if they make any money on the back-end of the transaction. Ask them on Zoom to see them squirm.
  5. The truth is most “cell tower experts” aren’t too sharp.
    Sad to say but many of the cell tower consultants claiming to be lease experts would probably never be qualified by a judge as subject matter experts. Most are one-trick ponies with a “rent reduction consultant” or a “lease buyout” financial background.

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We help people who have been contacted by wireless real estate site acquisition companies working for wireless carriers or cell tower development companies, and who have been presented with a cell phone tower lease proposal or term sheet with business terms. Tower Genius helps property owners from all over the USA and can help you with calculating the cell tower lease rental rate of your specific cell tower site or rooftop location, and we can help you will all the wireless telecommunication business terms that your local attorney won’t be able to provide for you. Our Cell Tower Lease Consulting and Coaching Services have helped thousands of people to get great deals on their cell tower proposals, and most importantly — fair and balanced cell phone tower lease agreements.

At Tower Genius, we never boast about increasing cell tower lease values by hundreds of percent on average for every deal, because that is only one component of these complex transactions. For example, you can have a 300% cell tower rent increase, and still sign a terrible lease agreement if you are not paying attention, or you have the wrong advisor.

If you are serious about negotiating a fair and balanced cell site lease agreement and you ALSO need help to maximize the value of that cell tower agreement, talk to one of the Owners and Partners at Tower Genius, Kevin Donohue or Steve Kazella, and get started today! Fill out our fast response form above, or call us at 1-888-313-9750.


Facing a deadline with your cell tower lease contract, expiring cell tower lease agreement, cell tower lease buyout offer, or a pending default notification deadline? Are you having a problem with a cell site carrier on your rooftop that has caused you problems with your tenants or has interfered with your main use of the property or facility? Have you lost track of cell tower contractors coming in and out of your building at all hours of the day and have questions about exactly what T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, or DISH Wireless is doing on your rooftop? Do you need assistance because you are getting intimidating and threatening Lease Optimization or Rent Guarantee or Rent Reduction letters from lease consulting companies representing tower companies or wireless carriers treating to possibly exercise their right to terminate the lease if you do not agree to their rent reduction proposal? Are they trying to get you to agree to a limited Right of First Refusal (ROFR) clause in your cell tower lease amendment?

Looking for Cell Tower Lease Help?

Let Us Be Your Trusted Cell Tower Lease Guides!


To get the ball rolling, simply fill out our short information form on this site, or give Tower Genius a call at 1-888-313-9750. As long as you already have a cell tower or cell site or if you have been approached and presented with a new cell tower lease proposal, we will get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays in most cases.


Tell us about your cell tower lease-related questions or concerns, especially if you need help and are looking for answers. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays, in most cases.


We’ll suggest a solution or strategy on either a brief 5-10 minute FREE phone call or via email. You will speak to a member of the Tower Genius team, Kevin, Steve, Mansour, or David.


When you hire us and put your cell site lease into “Genius Mode” you will be tapping into 50+ years of combined wireless telecommunications leasing experience.

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We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and one of us from Tower Genius will get in touch with you shortly.
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Tower Genius Cell Tower Lease Review Consultation vs. You or Your Local Family Attorney Doing It

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Working with your local family attorney or a local real estate attorney is great. They have probably guided you through contracts, lawsuits, estate planning, wills, and even divorces, but trust me when we tell you that they know little to nothing about the elusive cell tower leasing industry. Carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile Sprint, DISH Wireless, and US Cellular and cell tower companies like American Tower Corporation, Crown Castle International, SBA Communications, and Vertical Bridge, hire wireless lease consulting firms such as BlackDot Wireless, The Lyle Company and Md7 to convince cell site landlords to give the carriers large rent reductions to prevent these cell towers from having their leases terminated or being decommissioned and relocated. On top of all of this cell tower landlords are being bombarded with weekly and monthly direct mail and sales calls from cell tower lease buyout firms such as Landmark Dividend, AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners, Towerpoint, and Unison to name a few (there are about twenty more companies like these). It can be overwhelming.

Is there a one-stop turnkey solution to skip the uncertainty, confusion, and lengthy process of analyzing all of the confusing myriad of offers that cell tower landlords get? Yes, you bet there is! Get in contact with Tower Genius. We are the leading cell tower consultancy working exclusively for cell tower landlords in the United States, since 2008.

When you hire Tower Genius as your cell tower lease consultant and coach….

  • We’ll review your lease, lease amendments, or cell site lease buyout offers – We are the cell phone tower lease experts that attorneys hire, to help THEIR clients.
  • Fresh Out Of The Gate or Get a Second Opinion Before You Sign – No cell tower lease negotiation is over it’s signed by both parties. A client recently came to us before she finalized a multi-seven-figure cell tower sale. The Tower Genius consultation resulted in an additional $700,000 increased sales price.
  • Kevin and Steve, the Partners at Tower Genius careers spanning 50+ years. We’ve seen it all in wireless infrastructure leasing, and there is nothing that a cell tower landlord can present to us that we can’t help solve or answer.

We Are The USA’s #1 Cell Tower Lease Buyout Experts.

When You Sell Your Cell Tower Lease Walk Away With The Maximum Lease Buyout Offer!

We are the #1 cell tower buyout experts in the USA that cell tower owners and cell site landlords can turn to for an independent assessment or valuation when selling a cell tower lease future rental stream. We help cell tower owners, cell tower landlords, and cell site landlords just like you, in every metropolitan area in the United States when they are ready to cash out and sell their cell tower lease rental stream for the maximum cash lump sum payment. Often when people contact us about a lease buyout, they are confused by the wide range of offers they have received. Many of their cell sites have undergone equipment upgrades, and carrier consolidations from mergers, and the lease buyout offers they have received vary greatly. Most cell site landlords have underlying concerns about the future viability of wireless technology and the confusing offers of pushy salespeople trying to scare them into selling and then offering them seemingly low purchase offers. Other cell tower landlords have questions about being able to sell their cell tower lease rental streams and use the funds from the easement sale to complete a 1031-Exchange for like-kind commercial property. Others are wondering if they are getting a fair offer and have no idea how to compare offers, or even if the lease buyout offers they’ve received are “apples to apples” offers, or “apples to oranges” offers. If you are a cell tower landlord and that describes you, let us know about the cell tower lease or cell tower that you’d like to sell for a maximum return. Forget the cell tower lease buyout calculator and talk to Kevin or Steve. We can help coach and guide you through this complex cell tower lease buyout / perpetual easement transaction and help you maximize the value of your cell tower lease rental stream, quickly and efficiently.

Tower Genius will also provide you with a cell tower lease buyout offer valuation and phone consultation to help you better understand the fine print of these cell tower lease buyout transactions and can advise your attorney on specific language and provisions that cell tower landlords MUST have in their lease buyout purchase and sales agreements and perpetual easements.

Get The Accurate Cell Tower Lease Assistance You Need Regardless Of The Type Of Cell Tower or Cell Site Proposal That You Have.

There are three basic service offerings we can help most cell tower landlords with, when they have questions about (1.) leasing a brand new cell tower or new rooftop cell site lease, (2.) negotiating a cell tower lease extension or lease amendment on an existing cell tower ground lease, or rooftop cell site antenna lease, or (3.) selling cell tower lease perpetual easement in exchange for a cash lump sum payment to a cell tower lease buyout company or wireless real estate hedge fund:

  1. OPTION 1Request a free 5 to 10-minute callback from Kevin or Steve for a quick assessment below. Ask us any question ranging from how to calculate your cell tower lease rental value on a new tower, to questions about cell tower zoning, valuations of cell towers being decommissioned due to eminent domain issues, to the valuation of a multi-cell tower portfolio sale to a Wall Street hedge fund buyer.
  2. OPTION 2 – Hire us for a Technical Cell Tower or Cell Site Lease, Lease Amendment, or Tower Lease Buyout Offer Review – Consultation – Coaching Services. The majority of our clients select this service offering, as 90% of cell tower landlord questions can be answered and problems can be solved after we review your leases and proposals and spend one hour over the phone with you, answering your cell tower leasing questions and coaching you on your cell site negotiation strategy.
  3. OPTION 3Sometimes a cell tower landlord wants to hire us to handle everything. Just hire us and forget it. Let Tower Genius fix your complex cell tower leasing problem, so you can avoid the hassles of dealing with cell tower leasing companies. Relax, we got this, and let Tower Genius handle it all for you.

When cell tower landlords contact us and submit the short cell tower property information form (below), we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less in most cases, with a proposal to help you with your cell tower lease questions. (Go here to learn about our lease valuation and consulting process at Tower Genius→)

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We help cell tower landlords with lease-related questions and problems in all 50 states. If you need help with your cell tower lease agreement Tower Genius would love to talk to you. We will help solve your cell tower problem, and if we can’t help you, we won’t waste your time. Calling Tower Genius is the best thing that a cell tower landlord can do to make sure that their cell tower lease agreement is structured portly and that they are not getting taken advantage of by the cell phone carriers and cell tower management companies. Calling Tower Genius might cost you 5 minutes. Not calling Tower Genius at 888-313-9750 can cost you a small fortune. 🙂

“We’re not saying that we are the best cell tower lease experts in the United States, we’re just stating the obvious, that we haven’t spoken with any that were smarter.”

– Kevin F. Donohue, Managing Partner

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