Working withTower Genius vs. other “cell tower experts”.

We encourage property owners and landlords to compare and do their homework before hiring somebody to help you with your cell tower lease offer. Read the comparison below to compare us to others.

 Tower Genius Other “experts”
Fees:Straightforward consulting fees, no fast talk.Most want long-term residual payments. 
Years of Experience:Over 50 years of well-documented experience between the two owners, Kevin & Steve.Most are less than truthful about their years of experience.   
Trust Factor:Operating with integrity and impeccable track record since 2008. Most give off a used car salesman vibe.
Conflicts of Interest:We have no conflicts of interest whatsoever, and we put it in all of our consulting services agreements. Ask them to show you their contract.
Google Reviews:Read our Tower Genius reviews. Notice any difference between the firms that actually have one?
Media Coverage:Both Kevin & Steve have appeared separately in the New York Times as far back as  19962006, and 2010Find anything from back in 1996, 2006, or 2010?
Expertise Matters:2,000+ clients have trusted us with their cell site agreements. Most have very limited experience and depth or are one-trick ponies.
Thought Leadership:Kevin Donohue’s 1996 Greenburgh, New York cell tower ordinance is still used for the basis of 80% of municipal wireless ordinances in the USA today. Many would not qualify to give expert witness testimony.
*Here at Tower Genius LLC, we have built a reputation one client at a time. Our credibility in the industry speaks for itself.

“We’re not saying that we are the best cell tower lease experts in the United States, we’re just stating the obvious, that we haven’t spoken with any that were smarter.”

– Kevin F. Donohue, Managing Partner

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Surprised about other “cell tower lease experts”?

Don’t be. We can’t blame the competition for trying to get into the cell tower lease consulting industry, but when you take a closer look and compare there are less than a handful of companies who actually would qualify as subject matter experts in this specialized field.

Yes, here at Tower Genius LLC both partners, Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella have also served as expert witnesses for clients in cell tower lease-related lawsuits, and have both been qualified as subject matter experts concerning cell tower infrastructure, site management, real estate site acquisition, telecommunications zoning and matters about determining cell tower rent values.

We’re not looking for that kind of work, but sometimes it still finds us.

Many cell tower consulting services firms do not list the names of their owners or partners. Why is that?

It’s kind of hard to compare one company to another when they don’t even list the names of their owners. Don’t they want you to know who you are calling? You can save yourself a lot of future pain by vetting your cell tower expert before you hire them. Any company that operates in the shadows or does not give you bios of their consultants should cause you to ask, “Why not”?

Does your cell tower lease advisor have a verifiable LinkedIn profile?

You might probably not have a LinkedIn profile page, but you can still ask a friend or somebody that you know to search for you on a specific company or individual on LinkedIn so you can see if they post any relative content or if their profile is “rather thin” or even have one at all? Tower Genius is on LinkedIn and you can easily verify that both Kevin F. Donohue and Steve Kazella have extensive wireless telecom careers.

Verify your cell tower consultant’s Facebook page.

We’re not huge Facebook fans, but for better or for worse, Facebook is the “virtual town square” of our time. Does the cell tower lease company have a Facebook page and what have they posted there? Makes you wonder, eh? Here is ours.

We left the best for last. Compare cell tower lease experts. Check out the competition’s Google Business Reviews… if you can find them.

Credibility matters. Half of “cell site experts” don’t even have a Google Business Listing. We suppose you can’t get bad reviews if you don’t have a listing. See for yourself and compare.  And the ones who do have reviews that sound like they were written by the waitress at Waffle House. Decide for yourself if the cell tower consultant reviews are real or sound kind of fake and then compare cell tower lease experts’ reviews that sound fake to the authentic Tower Genius reviews shared by real clients.

Looking for honest cell tower lease help?

When you compare cell tower lease experts, there is no comparison. Calling Tower Genius at 1-888-313-9750 for 5 minutes won’t cost you anything. However… not calling Tower Genius might cost you a small fortune.

“The best way to establish long term value for clients is to do today’s work superbly well.”  

– Steve Kazella, Founding Partner

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