The wireless industry employs its own cell tower lease experts, shouldn’t you be doing the same thing if you are trying to negotiate a lease for yourself?

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Cell Tower Lease Experts 101:

If the wireless industry employs cell site experts to make sure that they get the terms they want in their lease agreements, shouldn’t you be doing the same thing? The problem is that every year there are more and more self-ordained wireless  “lease experts” — some of whom even have the almighty “BBB sticker of approval” on their websites. Many of them have questionable backgrounds. The majority of them are less than truthful about their actual years of experience in the industry. Many of them “borrow content” (steal) without permission from other “expert” websites. Some of them have conflicts of interest or get paid on both sides (double dip) of certain cell tower lease transactions such as on cell tower lease buyouts. And others promote their consulting companies as being cell site lease experts, but their corporate websites do not list who the cell site experts are, while others don’t even have a Google business directory listing — which is business 101 in today’s world.

The only two things that truly matter when selecting a cell tower lease expert are:

1). Can you trust the cell tower expert that you selected?

2). Can that cell site lease expert get you the information that you need to solve your problem?

Cell Tower Lease Experts EXPOSED

Many people and companies are claiming to be “cell tower lease experts” — but there is only one Tower Genius.

Tower Genius the cell tower lease experts  in the Media like New York Times, Wall Street Journal.
Cell Tower Experts in the Media
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Tower Genius is the USA’s top cell tower and cell site lease expert.
  • Tower Genius LLC’s Partners, Kevin Donohue, and Steve Kazella are the cell site lease experts that you can trust, with over 50 years of combined wireless infrastructure leasing industry experience, and who have helped over 2,000 clients since 2008.  And we are also the kind of people you could have over your house for a family dinner. 
  • Tower Genius can help you if you are a property owner who has just received an offer from a cell tower developer to build a new cell phone tower on your land. We can help you determine the value of the cell tower lease agreement, we can help you and your attorney with the redline review of the lease document. Since cell phone tower lease agreements are written to heavily favor the wireless carrier or cell tower company, we typically suggest making two to three dozen modifications to most lease contracts, just to make them balanced and fair. 
  • The Partners of Tower Genius are the cell tower lease experts who can assist you if you already have a cell tower lease with American Tower Corporation, Crown Castle International, Vertical Bridge, SBA Communications, or other cell tower management companies, when it is time to extend or renew your lease agreement, to make sure that you are not leaving any money on the table and to make sure that your interests are protected before you sign the lease amendment. 
  • Tower Genius can assist you if you are a building owner and wireless carriers such as DISH Network, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile or US Cellular want to lease rooftop space to install a 5G cell site, or if you already have a cell site on your building, we can provide you with a cell site lease valuation and technical review to help you when it is time to renew or extend your rooftop cell site lease.
  • And Tower Genius we are the cell tower lease experts to turn to if you have decided to sell or cash out of your cell tower lease agreement and accept a cell tower lease buyout offer from your tower management firm or other third-party cell tower investor, or if you have questions about the future viability of your cell site location

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“LEASE VALUE CALCULATOR FORMULA = What they want you to know ÷ WHAT WE KNOW”

– Kevin Donohue, Managing Partner

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