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Do You Really Need A Cell Tower Lease Buyout Calculator?

Welcome to our cell tower lease buyout calculator page, where you’ll find everything except an actual calculator. Why? Because you don’t need one, and it’s foolish to actually use one to determine the value of your lease buyout transaction. If you’re a cell tower property owner and you are wondering about what the real value of your cell tower income stream is, if you sell an easement, or what the telecom lease buyout offer is actually worth, and you need to know how to determine if the lease buyout offer you were given is top-notch, good, mediocre or really bad, there is no substitute for speaking with somebody who is actual subject matter expert. If you’ve decided to sell your cell tower rental stream and you are looking for a company or consultant to help you, you want to make sure the expert that you turn to can be trusted and has your best interests in mind, and that they can help guide you obtain top dollar when you sell your cell lease tower easement. Forget the buyout calculator — talk to Tower Genius!!

Forget the lease buyout calculator.
Talk to a cell tower lease buyout expert instead.

“What’s My Cell Tower Lease Buyout Worth?”

  • Have you received multiple buyout offers and you have questions? Your attorney or real estate agent golfing buddy won’t know the answers.
  • We offer cell site landlords a lease buyout and buyout offer valuation consultation service to help you determine the best strategies if you’ve decided to sell.
  • Our consultation can provide you with the pros and cons of selling a perpetual easement to a cell tower buyer, to assist you in keeping the tower rental stream or selling it.

“I Need a Buyout Expert’s Coaching & Guidance.”

  • We provide you the same independent buyout valuation and then provide you and your attorney (if needed) with site specific recommendations and guidance.
  • Our lease buyout transactional coaching and consultations help you to tie up loopholes in your easement while maximizing value to its fullest.
  • We’ll work closely with your attorney and your 1031-exchange qualified intermediary (QI) if needed to help you expedite the cell tower buyout process and meet deadlines.

Verizon Wireless Rooftop Cell Site Lease Case Study


Forget the calculator.

Here is the 10-second offer evaluation method you need to start with. Calculate the multiple (X) of your cell tower lease buyout offer by dividing it by your annual rental income.

* If your lease buyout offer is 16X or higher, it’s above average.

* If your lease buyout offer is 15X or lower, it’s below average.

Cell tower lease buyouts are calculated differently than commercial real estate. Often times commercial developers will ask us what the cap rates on cell tower leases are. When you’re dealing with selling a cell tower rental income stream the buyers are calculating the sales value in terms of multiples of the current annual or monthly rent being paid. A cell tower lease rental stream with a 3% annual rental escalation or 4% annual increase is going to valued higher than an identical lease where the rent only increases by 7.5% or 10% every 5-year term. The next biggest issue facing a wireless telecom landlord with a buyout offer, is putting your trust in an advisor or a consulting company, and hope that they will provide you with the help and cell tower lease buyout information that you need. The obstacle is finding one that isn’t getting compensated on both sides of the deal.


Every cell site lease buyout offer and perpetual easement must be carefully looked at on a site by site basis.  A lease calculator can’t evaluate a cell site. It’s challenging, people with cell towers or cell sites on their property can’t be expected to know all the facts about their cell site’s real value. Cell site lease buyouts might be the biggest financial transaction of most people’s lives other than the purchase of a house. Don’t leave it to chance and base your cell tower easement sale on a calculator.

Another problem that exists, is that many of the other wireless consulting companies that advertise themselves as “cell tower lease experts or advisors” in this industry either have conflicts of interest (getting paid on both ends of the deal) or they misrepresent their actual years of wireless industry experience on their websites. If the integrity of your cell tower lease buyout consultant and transactional coach is important to you, we hope that you choose us to assist you.

You don’t need a cell tower lease buyout calculator.
You need a cell tower lease buyout expert with no conflicts of interest.
We can help you figure out what your lease buyout is really worth.

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