Cell Tower Ground Lease

Know The Basics: What Is a Cell Tower Ground Lease?

Want to boost your property’s value effortlessly and make some serious cash? Well, there’s a crazy demand for cell tower sites right now. Those big wireless companies are going all out to improve their networks and keep up with our mobile data addiction. So, if you own land with a cell tower on it, you’ve … Continued
Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

Know The Facts: Important Questions About Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

As a cell tower landlord, you might be receiving numerous calls and offers for lease buyouts from various tower companies. You need to consider two primary objectives when contemplating a cell tower lease buyout offer. First, you need to ascertain if a buyout aligns with your best interests. Second, if a buyout is indeed the right … Continued
Top 5 Questions About 5G Cell Towers Answered

Top 5 Questions About 5G Cell Towers Answered

The 5G frenzy is in full swing, and telecom companies are shouting its praises as it promises higher speeds and reduced costs. Each wireless carrier claims their 5G towers are the crème de la crème while busy negotiating with property owners about cell phone tower lease agreements. They tout more availability or more reliability, but what does … Continued
5G and the Internet of Things: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

5G and the Internet of Things: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

The world is constantly evolving, and technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. The Internet of Things (IoT) market is continually expanding, and 5G technology is ready to unleash a new wave of innovation and connectivity. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to change how we live in the following years, and 5G is … Continued
How the Advent of 5G Technology Is Paving the Way for a New Era

How the Advent of 5G Technology Is Paving the Way for a New Era

5G has the potential to completely transform the way we live with its lightning-fast download rates, extremely low latency, and capacity to link billions of devices at once. This next-generation wireless technology can open up previously unthinkable possibilities, from enabling smart cities to aiding with remote surgeries. But is the hoopla genuine, or is it … Continued
Role of AI in Unleashing the Power of Next-Generation Wireless Technology 5G

Role of AI in Unleashing the Power of Next-Generation Wireless Technology 5G

Technology constantly evolves, bringing cutting-edge trends that combine and enhance one another to improve current systems’ effectiveness and efficiency. The combination of fifth-generation cellular technology and artificial intelligence is a wonderful monument to the limitless potential of modern invention. The horizon of tomorrow’s technological landscape is tantalizingly infinite. Let’s look at the profound impact of AI … Continued

Elon Musk SpaceX Starlink Satellites & T-Mobile Phones

Thoughts on TechCrunch article T-Mobile phones will connect to Starlink for FREE starting next year Tower Genius Partner Steve Kazella shares his thoughts and responds to an 08/25/22 TechCrunch article written by Devin Coldeway on the announcement of T-Mobile and SpaceX to be using Starlink satellites to connect to T-Mobile phones next year for FREE. … Continued

Remembering September 11 2001

September 11, 2001 Never Forget Remembering September 11th, 2001. Tower Genius Partners, Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella share how wireless service was restored to support rescue and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center site and Lower Manhattan immediately following the terrorist attack on New York City. Kevin shares how Verizon Wireless emergency response teams … Continued

5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Cell Tower Lease Consultant

Having an expert, trusted cell tower lease consultant by your side is a huge benefit when you’re approached by cell tower lease buyout companies or cell tower operators. Whether you’re negotiating a new cell tower lease or it’s time for a cell tower lease buyout or renewal, the right cell tower advisor can save you … Continued
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