Top 5 Questions About 5G Cell Towers Answered

Top 5 Questions About 5G Cell Towers Answered

The 5G frenzy is in full swing, and telecom companies are shouting its praises as it promises higher speeds and reduced costs. Each wireless carrier claims their 5G towers are the crème de la crème while busy negotiating with property owners about cell phone tower lease agreements. They tout more availability or more reliability, but what does that mean?

In the section below, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the 5G phenomenon.

1. How Do 5G Cell Towers Work?

A fifth generation (5G) cell tower is a communication structure that offers nearby residents and workers access to 5G services. The equipment on the tower is what gives it 5G capabilities; each piece of that equipment is commonly referred to as a macrocell. The towers themselves do not have 5G capabilities. For a piece of technology to be referred to as 5G, it must adhere to strict requirements set forth by the 3GPP. The frequencies utilized on mobile towers for 5G are mostly comparable to those used in prior standards. 

2. What Factors Influence 5G Tower Coverage?

The following factors can affect a 5G cell tower’s ability to provide coverage:

  • Surrounding foliage
  • Height and antenna orientation
  • The transmission spectrum of frequencies
  • Construction materials like concrete, brick, and glass

3. Will Existing Cell Towers Be Used for 5G? 

5G towers are fundamentally the same as 4G or 3G towers, apart from the newer and more sophisticated technology mounted on the tower. The tower doesn’t change physically unless structural adjustments are required to withstand the added weight caused by new antennas and transmitters. 

4. How Secure Are 5G Mobile Towers?

5G is the most recent cellular infrastructure. It allows quicker mobile communication since it generates higher electromagnetic frequencies. Every new technology raises legitimate safety concerns. The radiofrequency (RF) emissions from cell towers, particularly 5G, have been the subject of substantial research by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health organizations. Currently, there is insufficient evidence to conclude that 5G is harmful to human or animal health. Researchers have studied EMFs with varied degrees of success.

5. What Is The 5G Cell Tower’s Coverage Area?

When broadcasting in the low- and mid-band spectrum, a 5G cell tower’s range is between one and three miles (1.6 and five kilometers). Cell towers typically use the 5G spectrum bands at 600, 700, 850, 2.5, 3.5 (CBRS), and 3.7 GHz (C-band) as examples.

In Summary 

5G cell towers represent a revolutionary technological advance with wide-ranging consequences, not just the next development in mobile communication. Understanding the basics of 5G and eliminating popular myths about it are essential for realizing its limitless potential as we learn more about it.
At Tower Genius, we are dedicated to leading this fascinating transformation. Thanks to our customized solutions and thorough support, you can make well-informed decisions and take full advantage of cell phone tower lease income with the installation of 5G cell towers.


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