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If you are selling a cell phone tower lease rental stream or a rooftop cell site lease, always get a second opinion from Tower Genius.

If you’ve received a cell phone tower lease buyout offer you’ve decided to accept, or if you have questions about selling your cell tower lease or rooftop cell site lease agreement, or if you have a perpetual easement cell tower related question, you’re probably wondering what it’s worth or what is a fair selling price? We are a wireless real estate consulting company that has helped countless property owners and cell site landlords since 2008, providing information that they needed when negotiating with the cell tower buyout investors. Cell tower landlords may receive dozens of offers from lease buyout companies or cell tower companies looking to purchase their rental income stream in exchange for a one-time lump sum payment or installment payments. Without knowing the telecommunication easement buyers or cell tower lease investors, otherwise known as lease buyout companies, while you think you may have three or four competing offers from different companies, depending on where your offers originated from you may be dealing with the same financial octopus. And how would the average property owner or cell tower landlord know about that? The cell tower lease buyout sharks are circling. If you have a cell tower lease for sale, make sure that you are not on the lunch menu. We do not use the cell tower shark analogy lightly.

Another important question to ask yourself before you sell your cell phone tower lease, is what is my cell phone tower lease worth? Am I selling a cell phone tower lease that is at fair market rent value, or is it paying less than it should? What is the valuation of a cell phone tower lease buyout at my current rent compared to what it’s worth if sold at a higher renegotiated lease rate, and can this be achieved before selling or not? What is the cap rate for cell tower leases?

How To Avoid Cell Tower Lease Buyout Sharks
Since every week is “shark week” in the cell tower lease buyout industry, maybe you might want to think about getting a “bigger boat”? Do you have the right cell tower lease buyout expert to help walk you and your attorney through the transaction without becoming somebody’s next meal?

Tower Genius Has Been Helping People With Cell Phone Tower Lease Buyouts Since 2008.

Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella from Tower Genius have been assisting cell site landlords with their cell phone tower and cell site buyouts since 2008. We’ve seen thousands of buyout offers over the years as nearly every cell tower lease renewal proposal from the major cell tower management firms has one or several perpetual easement offers included in the lease extension offer package. And of course we get daily calls from cell site landlords with buyout offer questions or potential deals to evaluate that originate from lease buyout companies also trying to purchase your cell tower lease rental income stream. If you have questions about the value of your telecom lease purchase offers, or about anything else pertaining to a cell site lease buyout please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-888-313-9750. Don’t leave selling your cell site lease easement to chance. Skip the lease calculator and tap into our knowledge and expertise in this very narrow field. There is zero learning curve when working with Tower Genius.

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Tower Genius provides the cell phone tower lease buyout help and information you are looking for when you have decided to sell a communications easement.

Additionally, most of the cell tower buyout consultants who advertise that they can help cell site landlords have conflicts of interest and double dip, that is, they are getting paid on both sides of the transaction. How would a property owner know this? We caution anyone selling their cell site lease that these are shark-infested waters, and you need to do your due diligence, or you could because the cell tower lease buyout industry’s next meal.

At Tower Genius we are 100% free of any conflicts of interest. We put that in all of our consulting contracts. We are carrier-neutral and we have no affiliation with any of the cell tower lease buyout companies, cell tower management companies, cell tower investors or hedge funds, or wireless carriers. We don’t attend cell tower industry events to rub shoulders with American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications, Vertical Bridge, DISH Wireless, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile Sprint, or US Cellular. We only have the best interests of our clients, property owners, and building owners in mind, who have a cell site lease with the above-mentioned companies and who need assistance, or information with their proposals, offers, or transactions.

Need Accurate Cell Tower Lease Buyout Information At Your Fingertips?

Tower Genius provides expert guidance for property owners selling a cell tower easement. We provide cell tower landlords with the cell tower lease buyout information their attorneys, their real estate appraisers, their 1031 exchange qualified intermediaries, their commercial real estate brokers, and their CPAs need and have no clue about. Why does this matter? Selling a cell tower easement is not like selling normal commercial real estate, you can’t pull comps, and except for a very few professionals, nobody understands how these lease buyout transactions work. That means from day one that the deck is heavily stacked against you if you are a cell tower landlord looking to sell one of these things. The cell tower buyout industry companies know this, and that is why we warn you not to become a cell tower buyout shark’s next meal. We have guided and assisted hundreds of cell tower landlords to make sure their cell tower lease buyout transactions are completed properly and their clients do not leave money on the table if they have decided to sell.

  • Communications easement sale transactional consulting and coaching
  • Cell site lease buyout offer evaluation and consultation
  • Technical review of cell tower lease buyout purchase and sale contract and easements
  • Cell tower lease buyout valuation consultation
  • Unbiased “second opinion” about a cell tower lease buyout offer you received
Cell Tower Lease Buyout - Before You Sell Your Cell Site Easements For a Cash Lump Sum
There are many things to consider before you sell a cell phone tower easement for lump sum or installment payments. Tower Genius works with cell site landlords to make sure that your lease buyout is maximized and that all of your bases are covered. We take the guessing work out of selling your cell tower lease rental stream if you have decided to sell your future cell tower rental payments in exchange for a perpetual easement.

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 “The only thing uglier than an ugly cell tower, is an ugly cell tower lease agreement.” 

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