Lease Buyouts Step by Step: What’s the Fastest Way to Sell My Cell Tower Lease at MAXIMUM Price?

Sell my cell tower lease
How to quickly sell my cell tower lease.

What’s the quickest way to sell your cell tower lease at a good price? What’s the fastest way to sell my condominium association’s rooftop cell site leases for the maximum amount?

Here’s the step-by-step cell tower lease buyout information you are looking for!

Here are the top cell tower lease buyout companies that buy cell tower leases and cell site leases in the USA. You probably know who they are, you have a pile of letters from them in your file: Landmark Dividend, Tower Point, AP Wireless, Unison, Symphony.

This is what to look for when you’re talking with these people:

Ask them if this is their best offer? Ask them why their offer is so much different than another offer you received? Ask them if they are really giving you their best offer? THEN LISTEN TO HOW THEY RESPOND. 


This is how you know that you’re getting a good lease buyout deal:

If your lease contains a Right of First Refusal, you want your offer to be at least 16 to 17X (sixteen to seventeen times) your annual rent.

If your cell site lease does not contain a ROFR then you want your offer to be at least 18X (eighteen times) your annual rent.

Ask how long it will take them to close.

Tell them ASAP if you have anything clouding your title like liens or a mortgage. You will need to get an SNDA / NDA subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement that the buyer will need to get signed with your lender. This can oftentimes really delay the sale of your cell tower easement.

Tower Genius provides the cell phone tower lease buyout help and information you are looking for when you have decided to sell a communications easement.

Let me ask you a question. Doesn’t it suck to get tons of cell tower lease buyout offer letters from telecom lease buyers for years and then be completely uncertain about whether or not you’re really getting a great deal when selling your cell site rental stream?

I remember several years ago when my business partner Kevin sold his cell tower lease to a cell tower investor and even though we’re industry experts the company who eventually purchased his cell tower lease gave us the runaround during the offer process and the underwriting and due diligence period before funding the easement purchase. The entire lease buyout transaction was tediously slow and frustrating. 

What we realized was that cell tower lease buyout transactions were getting very difficult to navigate and they taking way too long to close and fund. And we were the cell tower lease buyout experts!! Why should it be that way? There must be a better way to sell your cell tower lease rental stream fast, right? The crazy thing is that even with technology and tools that should speed up the process of cell tower lease buyout transactions there is a human factor that can slow down the process.  So here’s how you can sell your cell tower lease quickly for the most money and with the best terms. Because when you’re selling a cell site easement, as a seller, the maximum purchase price without optimized terms is not a winning combination. Save yourself time and money while protecting yourself and maximizing your lease buyout deal. The best and fastest way to sell your cell tower lease is by first speaking to Kevin or Steve from Tower Genius at 1-888-313-9750.

Not contacting Tower Genius can cost you a small fortune if you are thinking about selling your cell tower lease. We are cell tower lease buyout experts, contact us today.

“The best way to establish long term value for clients is to do today’s work superbly well.”  

– Steve Kazella, Founding Partner

Tower Genius


I was recruited out of Enterprise Rent a Car in 2000 by Kevin Donohue, who is my business partner today, to be a real estate site acquisition manager in the NYC Metropolitan Area for his company that was contracting for Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. In 2008 I founded a consulting firm know today as Tower Genius, LLC where Kevin and I have helped many thousands of people and existing cell tower landlords get the help and information they need to succeed at the cell tower negotiating table.

Carriers & Tower Companies Have Their Hired Guns. Shouldn't You?

Negotiating a cell tower lease, trying to figure out what the correct cell tower rent value for your property needs to be, or evaluating the broad range of proposals and offers received by most cell site landlords in 2022 can be very confusing. Connect with Tower Genius or submit your info below, and we'll evaluate your situation, answer your questions and even make a few recommendations you may benefit from.

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