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Why is good Cell Tower Lease Buyout Information Hard to Find?

Why is good Cell Tower Lease Buyout Information Hard to Find?
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The Wireless Wise Guys Podcast. Everything you wanted to know about cell tower leases but were afraid to ask. Powered by Tower Genius, the USA’s premier cell tower lease experts.
Steve Kazella:
Hey, YouTube. It’s Steve with Tower Genius. There’s a constant barrage of cell tower buyout proposals. And telemarketing calls make you upset. Does it keep you awake at night? Does it frustrate you? Not understanding why someone wants to buy your telecom lease, but on the other hand they’re saying that it’s possibly going to go away due to 5G. You have a lot of questions. Is it making you frustrated? Well, don’t get frustrated. Give us a call at (888) 313-9750. My business partner, Kevin Donahue, and I can talk to you and help you figure out and make heads or tails of these often confusing proposals, so you can make the best decision to keep your site, keep your lease revenue stream, or perhaps sell it and maximize that offer. Have a great day.
Speaker 1:
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I was recruited out of Enterprise Rent a Car in 2000 by Kevin Donohue, who is my business partner today, to be a real estate site acquisition manager in the NYC Metropolitan Area for his company that was contracting for Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. In 2008 I founded a consulting firm know today as Tower Genius, LLC where Kevin and I have helped many thousands of people and existing cell tower landlords get the help and information they need to succeed at the cell tower negotiating table.

Carriers & Tower Companies Have Their Hired Guns. Shouldn't You?

Negotiating a cell tower lease, trying to figure out what the correct cell tower rent value for your property needs to be, or evaluating the broad range of proposals and offers received by most cell site landlords in 2022 can be very confusing. Connect with Tower Genius or submit your info below, and we'll evaluate your situation, answer your questions and even make a few recommendations you may benefit from.

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