From Smoke Signals To Smartphones: How Communication Has Evolved With Technology

From Smoke Signals To Smartphones: How Communication Has Evolved With Technology

Our ability to communicate has always been essential to our survival. In a sense, it’s what keeps our worlds spinning, as it gives us a way to express our thoughts, wants, dislikes, etc. with each other.

And ways of communicating have developed greatly throughout human history. We used to paint on cave walls and then we sent messenger pigeons, and now we use smartphones and social media.

In short, technology has transformed how we communicate hugely over the years, and to know how just read through the sections below.


The telegraph was essentially the earliest text-messaging electrical communication system. You tapped a lever device a certain number of times to spell out your message, and then you’d wait for a response. Now, however, we have SMS, and this allows individuals to communicate with text messages via their phones, laptops, or other devices.


The telephone was created in 1849, and 50 years later there was one in virtually every home and office. But having to rely on phone lines limited flexibility, and conversations weren’t always private.

Rise Of The Internet And Email

Since the middle of the 1990s, the Internet has had a revolutionary effect on communication. It gave birth to email, instant messaging, voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), discussion forums, two-way interactive video calls, blogs, and social networking. We can now communicate quickly and easily online, and it doesn’t matter where we are in the world. The most primitive version of email as we know it was made available to the public in 1991, but email was being used on a smaller scale long before this.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Even though it’s been available since 2016, next-generation VR tech is starting to revolutionize how we communicate. Using this tech, two people on different continents can meet up with each other in the same virtual location, saving both time and money.


The most modern kind of mobile network, 5G, guarantees substantially faster data upload and download speeds, more coverage, and more reliable connections. Communication will significantly increase as a result of these advantages. It will be possible to communicate instantly, and those jerky, annoying video calls will no longer exist.

Final Point

Technology’s role in the evolution of communication is becoming more and more obvious by the day, which in large part explains why we’re seeing more and more 5G cell towers popping up.

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