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If you have questions about SBA cell towers, we can help you. Tower Genius LLC is a specialized wireless communications consulting firm that helps SBA cell site landlords with their lease agreements. We have helped over one hundred SBA landlords over the years. And we’re not just consultants, one of the Partners at Tower Genius was also an SBA landlord for several years before selling them a perpetual easement. If you are trying to find an SBA cell tower location, we also have a page for that, just follow the how to find SBA cell towers link. If you’re a property owner or landlord needing SBA cell site lease assistance or information, you can obtain it here.

Tower Genius: The SBA Communications Cell Tower Lease Experts

If you are an SBA cell tower landlord with questions, Tower Genius knows just about all there is to know about SBA cell towers, their rental values, their perpetual easement valuations, the lease renewal values of their single-tenant, two-tenant, and multi-tenant cell phone towers are which especially helpful when you are trying to negotiate a fair deal for yourself. We can help you make heads or tails of their offers, and provide you with the information you need to get on the same footing with them in your lease discussions.

  • We can provide you with a review of your SBA cell tower lease renewal, lease extension, or lease buyout proposal.
  • We can consult with you to provide you with an accurate pricing valuation of the SBA cell site on your property.
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What Are SBA Cell Tower Lease Rates?

What is the value of my SBA cell tower lease agreement? Every SBA landlord has asked themselves that question at one time or another. Am I getting the goldmine, or am I getting the shaft when it comes to my SBA lease? SBA did not negotiate most of the cell tower leases on the sites that they own. Those lease agreements were usually Sprint cell tower leases or with AT&T, Verizon, or with T-Mobile. The SBA Communications cell tower in the picture above was originally a Sprint PCS tower that had two additional co-locating tenants, Verizon Wireless and MetroPCS (now T-Mobile). The Sprint lease eventually became a SpectraSite lease when it was assigned to them and then it was eventually acquired by SBA Sites / SBA Communications.

It’s not always easy getting a great cell tower lease rate on your original round of negotiations. Sprint ended up paying a higher rental payment on the original lease back around the year 2000, because of the municipal zoning ordinance for wireless development and also due to the elevation of the property and its proximity to other Sprint sites at the time. These are the factors that determine the difference between a $500 / month cell tower rental payment and a $2,000 per month initial lease rate.

SBA Communications Cell Tower Lease Rates, Renewals & Buyouts - How NOT to Leave Money on the Table.

Accurate SBA Cell Tower Lease Information

Need some cell tower lease assistance with your SBA Communications lease renewal proposal? Most current SBA landlords didn’t negotiate their original cell tower lease agreements with SBA Communications. The cell tower lease contracts with Sprint, Omnipoint / T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon Wireless. The SBA cell tower pictured above was originally a Sprint PCS cell tower which ended up getting two additional cellular carrier tenants, Verizon Wireless and Metro PCS. Metro PCS became T-Mobile. The Sprint cell tower was sold in a portfolio to a company called SpectraSite, which was acquired by SBA Sites (SBA Communications). 

In theory, if the property owner hadn’t been aware of the true valuation of his future cell tower location, they might have agreed to a monthly cell tower rent of $1,000 to $1,500. Instead, they started near the $2,500 per month rate and the lease not only increased in value by 3% annually, the property owner was able to obtain a sizable percentage of revenue sharing on both additional subtenants that co-located on the cell phone tower.

When SBA was assigned the cell tower and lease from SpectraSite, they continued paying the cell site landlord the same rent as had been negotiated a decade earlier with Sprint PCS. Higher cell tower valuations are not born overnight but if structured properly a properly negotiate wireless communications lease agreement can turn into a 7-figure lease buyout transaction which is exactly what happened at this SBA cell tower location when the SBA landlord sold a perpetual easement to SBA Communications and cashed out of their cell tower income stream.

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