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How to Get a Cell Tower On Your Property

How to get a cell tower on your property, disclaimer… If getting a cell tower was easy, everyone would do it. To be very clear, it’s difficult to nearly impossible. But I know that most of you will ignore this, so please, by all means, read on! So you are asking yourself, how do I get a cell tower built on my property? Every year our company gets thousands of requests from people interested in having a cell phone tower placed on their land. If it was easy having your location selected, everyone would have one. But it’s not. Getting a cell site is very difficult if not almost impossible. But since we get so many requests for information we have a separate website where we explain how to get a cell tower on your property or what you can do to improve the chances of getting one built on your land or installed on the rooftop of your building in 2024. If you want more information about this please visit our website www.GetACellTower.com and see for yourself.

How To Get A Cell Tower On Your Land

Every year, thousands of people ask us here at Tower Genius, about how to get a phone cell tower on your property.

If you want to get a cell phone tower on your property, you need a lot of luck and you also need to be in an area where you have land that is located within the search area when a wireless carrier needs to improve coverage. Carriers and cell tower development companies use “site acquisition” contractors to canvas areas to locate land or buildings that meet their coverage criteria.

Get a cell tower on your property
So you want to get a cell tower on your property?

You can contact wireless carriers and cell tower companies by researching company names like Verizon Wireless, DISH Network, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, American Tower, SBA Communications, Vertical Bridge, Harmoni Towers, Tillman Infrastructure, Crown Castle, and others, and send them your property information and your contact information. Most of them have contact forms for landowners to upload their information if they want to see if their property qualifies for cell tower development.

Additionally, you can become your own “cell tower headhunter” and go onto a website like LinkedIn and search for Real Estate Managers, Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers, or Real Estate Site Acquisition Managers in your state, city, or region, using the companies listed above to identify local wireless industry professionals in your area which you can contact on the site, and tell them about your property.

The basic information they will need is your property address, size and type of property, your site’s latitude and longitude, your email address, and your name and phone number. Here’s a video about how to find your GPS coordinates using Google.

How to find GPS Coordinates. Getting accurate Latitude and Longitude made easy.

Common site selection factors of cell tower companies looking for land that comes into play when identifying a location to build a cell tower are:

  • Property size
  • Property type (Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Residential)
  • Zoning/setbacks
  • Elevation
  • Access to fiber/power
  • Site Access
  • Visual impact
  • Availability of competing sites
  • Wetlands

How much land is needed for a cell tower?

Most cell phone tower companies will want to lease a 100-foot x 100-foot (10,000 square feet) area to place the cell tower and ground equipment of their cellular carrier tenants. Where ground space is limited they can lease areas as small as 30′ X 40′ and 50′ x 50′, but most tower companies will want a 100′ x 100′ footprint for a monopole tower or lattice tower. If a guyed-wire cell tower is needed, they will also need to lease approximately three additional 10′ X 10′ areas for the guyed anchors to be tied to the foundation (much like tent stakes).

Rooftop cell sites will usually require an area for a raised steel platform of 150-200 square feet, or an interior equipment room and three corners of the rooftop to mount antenna sleds. How to get a cell tower on your property?

How much money can you make from a cell tower?

The amount of rental income that you can make from a cell tower in 2023 can vary, but in most rural areas a property owner will receive offers from $300 to $750 per month, and cell phone tower land rental payments can range from $500 to $1,000 per month.

Properties that are within city limits or in more populated regions will usually receive offers in the $1,000 per month range. Rooftop locations use to lease antenna and equipment space frequently pay Between $1,000 and $2,000 per month.

The question of what cell tower leases pay is determined on a site-by-site basis.

I want to get a cell tower on our land. What exactly is a cell tower?

You can read all about cell sites and cell towers here on WikiPedia. There are different types of cell phone towers and cell sites. Every cell tower is a cell site, but not every cell site is a cell tower. Telecommunication tower constructed on land can be monopoles, lattice tower or guyed wire towers.

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Monopole cell tower
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Lattice tower
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Guyed wire tower
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Stealth Cell Towers
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Water tower cell site
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“Fort Worth Towers” on transmission towers
Silo cell site

YES! I want to get a cell tower on my property!

To find out more about how to get a cell tower on your property, visit our sister website www.GetACellTower.com

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