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Cell Tower Lease Rates 2023


  • What are cell tower leases renting for in 2023? *
  • How much should you receive for a new cell phone tower land lease being offered in 2023 by Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, DISH Network, AT&T, or US Cellular?
  • What is the going rate for a rooftop cell site being offered at your building in 2023 by DISH, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon?
  • Should you accept a lease optimization or rent reduction offer from a third-party company representing a wireless carrier like AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, or DISH?
  • What is the cell tower rental value of an expiring American Tower lease, an expiring Crown Castle lease, or an expiring SBA Communications cell tower lease with one, two, or more subtenants that needs to be renewed in 2023?
  • How much rent should I accept on a newly proposed cell tower on our property where I already have an existing cell tower in 2023?
  • Should I accept the offer to sell our cell tower lease rental stream or a lump sum or for installment payments in 2023 and how do I know if my telecommunications lease buyout offer is good or not?
What were Cell tower lease rates in 2023? Ask Tower Genius 888-313-9750. Photo of a 5G rooftop cell site.
Need help with a cell site lease in 2023?

Cell tower lease rates 2023… What are your cell tower leasing questions that need to be answered?

These are the kinds of questions that Tower Genius answers every day for cell tower landlords across the USA everyday. We have been helping property owners since 2008, and we can probably help you in 2023 as well if you have any questions about a rooftop cell site lease or cell tower ground lease rent in the United States. How much are cell tower lease rates in 2023?

The partners of Tower Genius, Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella began helping property owners and cell tower landlords with their wireless telecommunications leases in 2008 when they saw that there was a need in the industry to provide cell site landlords and their attorneys with information and assistance they needed to negotiate their agreements on a level playing field with the wireless industry professionals they were dealing with.

Steve and Kevin have over 50 years of combined wireless leasing experience and they’ve spoken with thousands of cell site landlords over their careers. The bottom line is that we care about your situation, we are in business to help property owners, and we can probably help answer your cell tower lease questions quickly.

Cell Tower Lease Rate 2023 Consultants, Kevin and Steve from Tower Genius.
Tower Genius is the USA’s top cell tower and cell site lease expert.

*It doesn’t matter if it’s 2023 or any other year. All cell tower lease rental values are determined on a site-by-site individual basis. Cell tower rent values are not calculated on a square foot basis or by the size or weight of the antennas on a tower unless you own the tower and can dictate the terms to Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or DISH. Several key factors can influence the value of a cell site lease rent such as demand for coverage or capacity, local zoning ordinances, availability of competing properties, and topography, that determine the value of a specific cell site.  If you have any questions regarding a cell site lease proposal that you have received from a wireless carrier, real estate site acquisition company, cell tower management company, or cell tower developer,  please give Tower Genius a call today at 1-888-313-9750 and speak with someone from our team.

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