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Need help with your cell tower lease amendment? We’ve helped hundreds of Crown Castle, SBA Communications & American Tower landlords negotiate & renew leases with the Big-3 towerco’s. Skip the headaches.

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Tower Genius provides nationwide cell tower lease amendment consulting & coaching services.

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Win at the Cell Tower Lease Amendment or Lease Renewal Negotiation Table.

Any time cell tower companies or cellular carriers present you with a document asking for your consent to sign and return, you should have the offer letter quickly evaluated, along with your original lease agreement, to see if you have the ability to amend or make modifications to the lease in a new amendment. The high-pressure sales and bully tactics that you experience to approve their proposals often are done to distract you from exercising your rights as a cell tower landlord or lessor. You need somebody who can quickly evaluate your cell phone tower lease and their proposal and give you fast accurate feedback. We hope that you reach out to us. Yes, we are different than all other cell tower lease “experts”! At Tower Genius we know that wireless landlords have to overcome three major hurdles when faced with negotiating cell tower lease amendments with American Tower, Crown Castles Vertical Bridge, SBA Communications or other tower management companies.

  1. Make sure that you are not leaving money on the table, and getting fair market value for your cell phone tower lease agreement, while protecting the rental income stream that you are already receiving, and not giving away rights in an already unbalanced lease contract.
  2. Make sure that the attorney that you hired actually knows what they are doing. After seeing countless horrible cell tower leases and lease amendment drafts that were “already reviewed” by a lawyer or somebody who is “in wireless”, it drives home the point that having large rent increase is of little importance if the rest of the lease agreement is defective. Cell tower lease amendments and agreements are not like normal commercial leases.
  3. Make sure if you are looking into hiring a cell tower expert to assist you with the lease agreement modification after their “free consultation” that they aren’t going to take you to the cleaners and want to be in your pocket for the rest of your life.

Any Of These Scenarios Describes Yours?

If you answer “yes” to any of these cell phone tower lease amendment scenarios, let’s talk!

  • Need help with a new cell phone tower lease amendment offer. 
  • Inherited land with a cell tower lease.
  • Crown Castle, American Tower, Vertical Bridge or SBA Communications wants to extend our lease or buy us out.
  • The cell tower company is asking us for additional land to expand footprint.
  • BlackDot or Md7 says they might move the cell tower if we don’t agree to a cell tower lease optimization amendment.
  • Problems with cell tower technicians or vehicles accessing your property.
  • Easement period is expiring soon?
  • Trying to figure out what the correct rent rate should be for the cell tower on our property when we renew lease.
  • Want a second opinion about the future viability of this cell tower location.
  • Trying to decide whether to extend the lease agreement of sell the lease rights and take the lease buyout offer.

Check out how our cell tower lease amendment consulting process works, how working with Tower Genius compares to working with other companies. Read reviews from satisfied Tower Genius clients who we have helped to successfully complete their cell tower lease extensions.

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Let’s Talk About Your Proposed:

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Need to get cell tower lease amendment help with a Crown Castle, American Tower, SBA Communications or Vertical Bridge proposal?
  • Crown Castle Lease Amendment
  • American Tower Lease Amendment
  • SBA Communications Lease Amendment
  • Vertical Bridge Lease Amendment
  • Other Cell Tower Management Company Lease Amendments

So, Who Is Tower Genius, LLC?

Tower Genius is the USAs most respected cell tower lease consulting service. We are a highly experienced cell tower landlord coaching team that is focused like a laser on helping property owners like you, to get great tower rental prices and business terms on your cell tower lease contracts, without any games, fast talk or predatory fees. Tower Genius is committed to complete client satisfaction, and Managing Partners Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella have been delivering this level of service with integrity and transparency for over two thousand of our clients since 2008.

Trust us, this isn’t our first rodeo. Call Tower Genius today at 1-888-313-9750 and book a 30-minute discovery call or fill out the quick form below to get the ball rolling on your cell tower lease offer.

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“The best way to establish long term value for clients is to do today’s work superbly well.”  

– Steve Kazella, Founding Partner

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“We’re not saying that we are the best cell tower lease experts in the United States, we’re just stating the obvious, that we haven’t spoken with any that were smarter.”

– Kevin F. Donohue, Managing Partner

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