Are Cell Towers Safe? Cell Tower Lease Myths Debunked…

It seems like cell tower conspiracies are popping up daily. Let’s set the record straight on some cell tower lease myths.

Cell Towers and especially 5G cell sites are the new boogie man. In fact, we have seen cell tower workers assaulted and dozens of cell towers vandalized and even burned down in Europe and the United States because. In the 1970’s it was acid rain… in the 1980s aerosol hair spray cans were depleting the ozone layer and causing global warming, and killing polar bears… in the 1990’s SUVs were destroying the planet… fast forward to today, the new thing that many people are afraid of is 5G technology.  I’ve even seen “normal” friends on social media post things that were… I’m being kind…. “tin foil hat crazy and way out there”. 

New York Times
Link to the shocking 5G Article about 5G risks and cancer in the New York Times in the grey box below.

The NY Times published this. What do you think?

5G Cell Phones Risks – SHOCKING Cancer Article.

Many People Believe That Cell Towers Cause Cancer

  • It is a common perception that the invisible radiofrequency waves emitted by cell towers can alter our cell’s DNA thus causing cancerous growths in our bodies. There are plenty of conspiracy advocates online who propagate such theories, without adequate proof.  Cell towers operate on microwaves. You know, the same microwave ovens in every American household since the early 1980s. I haven’t seen people throwing out their microwave ovens. Have you seen the boycott of microwave ovens? Me neither. 

The bottom line is that no study has ever proven that cell towers cause cancer.  

Verdict: FALSE

Some People Think Cell Tower Radio Frequency (RF) Waves are Dangerous

  • Did you know that your car’s alternator emits more RF energy than a cell tower? Have you ever spent 5 minutes in the sun this year? If you have you’ve just exposed yourself to more RF energy than if you sat in front of a cell tower all month. Did you have a baby monitor on all the time to listen to your infant while they are asleep? That is quite brave of you because those baby monitors emit thousands of times more RF energy than a cell tower. 

Verdict: FALSE

Some People Believe Cell Towers Spy on You

  • Let’s clear this one up once and for all. Cell towers do not spy on you. It’s like saying cars kill people instead of saying people texting while driving their cars kill people. The government in cooperation with your cell phones and wireless carriers however do spy on you. Just google “Edward Snowden and Verizon”. That is why you should cover your cell phone’s camera when not in use, etc.. .  Don’t blame cell towers, blame cell phone devices and Washington. If you don’t want to be “tracked” by the GPS device in your phone that “pings” of the nearest cell tower that you are located by, then stop using any sort of wireless device including your cell phone. Move to Idaho or Alaska, ditch your phone, and go off-grid. Uh-oh, Elon Musk is building cell towers in space.

Verdict: FALSE

5G Cell Towers Caused COVID-19

  • To believe that COVID-19 was caused by 5G cell towers, you also have to believe that JFK Junior, Elvis Presley, and Tupac are alive on a small island in the Caribbean running a surf shop for martian tourists.  

Verdict: FALSE

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